Amica Girls’ Club (Edmonton)

We run two programs for different age groups: 9-11 (Junior) and 12-14 (Senior)

Our goal is to help the girls grow in personal excellence through the practice of virtue.

Through the talks, activities, crafts and service projects, these girls will discover their talents and leadership skills in order to better serve others.

This is an initiative of mothers dedicated to the character development of their daughters and their friends.   Based on Traditional Christian Wisdom. 

Aretina Girls’ Club (Calgary)

Aretina comes from the Greek word for virtuous. Our club provides a fun, positive peer environment for girls ages 8 – 10. The girls receive character formation to help them grow and mature so they are able to use their talents in order to lead and serve others. Each month we meet and participate in various activities of an educational, cultural or charitable nature. Mothers and friends are invited to volunteer their time, talents, hobbies and ideas

Virtues and Mentoring

The girls receive character formation through talks and discussions of different virtues. Mentoring is provided to the girls on a one-to-one basis. Each girl sets a specific monthly goal to further her own growth in virtue and good habits. This helps to enrich each girl’s personality by encouraging the development of human virtues, good habits, strong family values and a positive attitude.

Tapawingo Trails – Annual Girls Camp and Camp Leader Training

This summer camp fosters personal growth in a context of friendship, nature and fun. Staff and campers are inspired to strive for virtues in a spirit of service and camaraderie. This camp offers the basic elements of a traditional outdoor summer camp while focusing on the development of character and virtue in young women.