About Us

There are women in our lives who influence our character, spirit, and choices. Many of us who have discovered our potential through West Plains Foundation have taken our contribution to the next level by organizing events, helping others to reach their full potential also. Our activities are primarily held in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta.

Our Core Values

Integrated Personal Growth

We believe in the unique and irreplaceable role that each woman plays in society. We help her discover and fully develop her talents to become a woman of confidence and integrity.

Leadership & Professional Excellence

We encourage women to develop the leadership competencies necessary to achieve professional prestige and allow them to put their talents at the service of young girls and women and the wider community.

Proactive Family Focus

At the heart of every society is the family. We equip each woman to fulfill all her roles in family life – from daughter and sister to wife, aunt, mother and grandmother – so that single or married, each of us contributes to the building of strong, loving families and nurturing individuals of character.

Giving Back to the Community

We promote service to others as the path to a more just and harmonious society.

A vital part of the Foundation’s work is Westwood Cultural Centre, located in the heart of Calgary in close proximity to the University. This makes the Centre very accessible to a number of female students who benefit from the programs and activities offered at the Centre. 

Whether you are a young student, a new mother, or a successful businesswoman, we look forward to seeing you at one of our activities.

West Plains Foundation is people. People with largely ordinary lives, interacting routinely, cordially. There is an atmosphere of friendship and trust that develops. With good sense, discretion and respect, we share experiences that enrich our lives greatly. With each one facing her unique challenges, in pursuit of holiness, there is an occasion to learn from one another’s circumstances and particular talents.
Julie S., Accountant