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Aretina Girls' Club  

Aretina comes from the Greek word for virtuous. Our club provides a fun, positive peer environment for girls ages 8 - 10. The girls receive character formation to help them grow and mature so they are able to use their talents in order to lead and serve others. Each month we meet and participate in various activities of an educational, cultural or charitable nature. Mothers and friends are invited to volunteer their time, talents, hobbies and ideas.

Virtues and Mentoring

The girls receive character formation through talks and discussions of different virtues. Mentoring is provided to the girls on a one-to-one basis. Each girl sets a specific monthly goal to further her own growth in virtue and good habits. This helps to enrich each girl's personality by encouraging the development of human virtues, good habits, strong family values and a positive attitude.


SCHEDULE 2021 • North and South Chapters: www.aretinacalgary.com

Check the website for complete information, registration, etc.: www.aretinacalgary.com 

The cultivation of virtues

through an atmosphere

of friendship and service.


Mission Statement



Club Leaders

Activities 2021

​Saturdays: 1:30-3:30 pm

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Final Thoughts

Edmonton, AB

...growing together

Junior Girls 9-11

Our goal is to grow in personal excellence through the practice of virtue.

At this club girls will find...
• High goals • Dedicated guidance • Lasting meaningful relationships

Through the talks, activities, crafts and service projects, these girls will discover their talents and leadership skills in order to better serve others.

• Committed parents and young ladies, 9-11 years of age.

• A desire to live and grow in virtue, service, joy and friendship.

• Registration including $95.00 registration fee required for activities.

• Signed parental permission slip.

An initiative of mothers dedicated to the character development of their daughters and friends.   Based on Traditional Christian Wisdom. 

Amica Club House • Mount Royal Drive, St. Albert, AB

Contact: Francine at amicagirlsclub@gmail.com or 780.289.5739

Updated schedules and information: www.amicagirlsclub.com 

"I think all parents would like their children to be orderly, generous, sincere, responsible, loyal, etc., but there is a big difference between a vague wish and a planned goal which is, to some extent at least, achievable."

- Dr. David Isaac, Character Building


Senior Girls 12-14

Continued growth in personal excellence through the practice of virtue. Expectations, requirements and leaders as per above.

The cultivation of virtues

through an atmosphere

of friendship and service.


Activities  2021

Saturdays: 1:30-3:30 pm

Location & Contact


Amica Club House • Mount Royal Drive, St. Albert, AB

Contact: Meaghan at amicagirlsclub@gmail.com or 780.961.2525

Updated Schedules and Information: www.amicagirlsclub.com 

West Plains





Annual Girls Camp and Camp Leader Training • wpf.information@gmail.com  

Annually in August    https://tapawingotrails.com/


This summer camp fosters personal growth in a context of friendship, nature and fun: staff and campers are inspired to strive for virtues in a spirit of service and camaraderie. This camp offers the basic elements of a traditional outdoor summer camp while focusing on the development of character and virtue in young women. 

Family Preparing Dinner

West Plains


Raising the Culture in 

MSG: Mothers' Study Group wpf.information@gmail.com

2nd Wednesday of every month - 7:00-8:30 p.m.

St. Albert, AB


We are a group of young mothers who come together
in a relaxed environment. We are encouraged and supported to study and to grow in our commitment
to love and marriage. Some books studied are picture below.

"The seminar Fathers' Daughters: Preparing Them to Set Sail on Uneasy Waters was too huge for one evening. It would be great to have this over several sessions - at least five - to fully cover all the ideas that were brought forward."


"This was a super worthwhile event. There were so many young couples just beginning their families who not only showed up on a Friday night, but asked some really thought-provoking questions. Too bad we didn't have this type of teaching when we were raising our kids - but it's never too late ... and look out dear grandchildren.


"Wayne Ottenbreit was practical, transparent, and funny. A ton of interesting conversations followed. Many couples hung around and talked for a long time. Excellent evening! We would come again - and bring some

others with us."

West Plains



Professional Women

Business Women Planning


We raise the culture by seeking films that teach the truth, goodness, and beauty through story-telling, art, music, and cinematography. This is a great way to share these values with others. These were excellent evenings for ladies to appreciate good film and good conversation.


""Attending 'The Art of Good Fiilm' movie nights with my daughter was a really non-threatening way to have some good conversations about sincere relationships that move beyond the superficial."


"Men and women are different - complementary - but different. I love going to movies with my husband, but found it very refreshing to see a  good film and discuss its merits with other women from very diverse back-grounds. It was also an excellent opportunity to expose our young ladies to the 'art' of film that fill the senses with beauty. The music, characters, cinematography, and simplicity - wow!"


"Fostering a Love of Literature was an excellent seminar and made us realize the importance of encouraging reading;, age-appropriate, imaginative reading for our children where good and evil, right and wrong, heros and heroines, are clearly identified."


"I am passionate about instilling a love of reading in my children and I was tremendously impressed with the advice and wisdom that the speaker shared in the session on "Fostering a Love of Literature in an Electronic Era." Not only did she share her personal experience on how to ignite a joy and love of reading, she brought boxes of books pertaining to all reading levels and interests and offered guidance on publishers of books and series that are trustworthy and virtuous. I commend West Plains for organizing such a meaningful and pertinent talk!"
C.B., Calgary, AB

(Former Teacher, Mother of 3)



We raise the culture of the next generation by teaching our children to seek out and read good literature. There are women who have weekly or monthly book studies who have delved into some great, timeless books. Contact us for information on current study groups or starting your own with your friends.

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“Women in Business” organizes monthly get-togethers for professional women, not just to network, but to encourage meaningful friendships. The highlight of each get-together is a presentation on relevant topics by people of varying backgrounds and fields of expertise. These presentations engage the professional woman and provide insights and inspiration that help her mature in the many important aspects of her life - intellectual, physical, cultural and professional.  “Women in Business”  helps to put the professional’s talents at the service of  the wider community.


Contact: wpf.information@gmail.com  for information on upcoming presentations.

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“Women in Business” posed with their guest speaker, Shirley Chomyn, who eloquently addressed the topic of "Achieving Work-Life Balance"

Contact: wpf.information@gmail.com  for information on upcoming presentations.

February, 2019: Maria Doll, owner and founder of “Leadership

Matters” was our guest speaker. Maria, trained as a Civility Consultant
and is currently a 
candidate for the ICTC (International Civility Trainers
Consortium) certification of Master Trainer. 
Maria taught professional
women the importance of 
civility in the workplace. She explored the

basic causes of incivility and discussed the five main components of

1. Respect for self and others
2. Responsibility
3. Non-Judgement
4. Awareness

5. Intention towards clear communication.

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January, 2019: “Women in Business” used an interactive video conference tool to host Anne Francis. Anne Francis has a Master's degree in Economics and post-secondary studies in Philosophy and Theology and teaches courses in Philosophy, Economics and Politics at Hawthorn School for Girls in Toronto. Anne taught  professional women the importance of ethics in business interactions. Her presentation helped these women better understand the role of business in advancing the common good, what constitutes ethical business decision-making, key characteristics of ethical business leaders, and the results of this leadership in terms
of the workplace.

Women in Business 3.jpg

Photos: Above

“Women In Business” pose with their guest speaker who inspired on the topic “Making an Impact: Grow, Get, Give”

Right and Bottom
As a meaningful way to give back to the community,  “Women in Business” closed for the summer with a trip to the Calgary Drop-In Centre to help prepare the Sunday Dinner for hundreds of people in the community who go
to the centre for shelter and food.

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Business Women Kitchen Tour.png

West Plains



Single Young Professionals

Three Friends

CBS: Classics Book Study For Young Professionals • wpf.information@gmail.com

Every Monday Evening - 7:45-9:00 p.m. • St. Albert, AB

Reading is done prior to the evening, followed by a lively discussion when the group meets. Classic literature is discussed from a Judeo Christian perspective. The evenings are facilitated by two well-educated moms with adult children. The dynamic group sharing broadens horizons with diverse new perspectives and cultivates a love for classic literature. Some books studied are pictured below.

Quest for Love: Dating in a World of Cultural Chaos • wpf.information@gmail.com

This Seminar was held for single women and was well attended by a number of young women who found it to be very beneficial. We would consider running this seminar again in both Edmonton and Calgary if there is sufficient interest. If you would like to attend this seminar please send your contact information and you will be added to this list and contacted with more information if the seminar is going to be repeated. If you are interested, feel free to attend again with a friend(s).