We raise the culture by seeking films that teach the truth, goodness, and beauty through story-telling, art, music, and cinematography. This is a great way to share these values with others. These were excellent evenings for ladies to appreciate good film and good conversation.


We raise the culture of the next generation by teaching our children to seek out and read good literature. There are women who have weekly or monthly book studies who have delved into some great, timeless books. Contact us for information on current study groups or starting your own with your friends.

"The seminar Fathers' Daughters: Preparing Them to Set Sail on Uneasy Waters was too huge for one evening. It would be great to have this over several sessions - at least five - to fully cover all the ideas that were brought forward."


"This was a super worthwhile event. There were so many young couples just beginning their families who not only showed up on a Friday night, but asked some really thought-provoking questions. Too bad we didn't have this type of teaching when we were raising our kids - but it's never too late ... and look out dear grandchildren.


"Wayne Ottenbreit was practical, transparent, and funny. A ton of interesting conversations followed. Many couples hung around and talked for a long time. Excellent evening! We would come again - and bring some

others with us."



"Attending 'The Art of Good Fiilm' movie nights with my daughter was a really non-threatening way to have some good conversations about sincere relationships that move beyond the superficial."


"Men and women are different - complementary - but different. I love going to movies with my husband, but found it very refreshing to see a  good film and discuss its merits with other women from very diverse back-grounds. It was also an excellent opportunity to expose our young ladies to the 'art' of film that fill the senses with beauty. The music, characters, cinematography, and simplicity - wow!"


"Fostering a Love of Literature was an excellent seminar and made us realize the importance of encouraging reading;, age-appropriate, imaginative reading for our children where good and evil, right and wrong, heros and heroines, are clearly identified."


"I am passionate about instilling a love of reading in my children and I was tremendously impressed with the advice and wisdom that the speaker shared in the session on "Fostering a Love of Literature in an Electronic Era." Not only did she share her personal experience on how to ignite a joy and love of reading, she brought boxes of books pertaining to all reading levels and interests and offered guidance on publishers of books and series that are trustworthy and virtuous. I commend West Plains for organizing such a meaningful and pertinent talk!"
C.B., Calgary, AB

(Former Teacher, Mother of 3)


MSG: Mothers' Study Group

2nd Wednesday of every month - 7:00-8:30 p.m.

St. Albert, AB


We are a group of young mothers who come together
in a relaxed environment. We are encouraged and supported to study and to grow in our commitment
to love and marriage. Some books studied are picture below.


2431 - 4th Avenue NW

Calgary, Alberta  T2N 0P3 

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